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Who We Are

KB Plumbing & Remodeling is the friendly neighborhood plumbing company serving every home in North County San Diego. We come to you with with years of experience and knowledge in taking care of plumbing and remodeling for families all over San Diego, and our in-house plumbers, remodelers, and technicians who are ready to serve you the same day. Our expertise in water damage restoration, faucet installation, bathroom remodeling are always top notch work, and we always go over and above on every job.

We are a team of hard workers in San Diego County, and we are proud serve you and your family. We’re family-owned and operated as well! Reach out to us by calling 760-536-4576, and we can get someone out to you right away!

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Plumbing Services

Faucet Rebuilds

Faucets installed to a plumbing line are likely to lose its composition and position in the long run, and it could result in an overflow if the faucets are not repaired on time. We use our expertise to rebuild the faucets into the pipeline to restore the function of the pipeline.

Pressure Regulators

We offer an array of pressure regulators under our wing that we install to the houses and offices of our clients. We install new pressure regulators to a newly installed piping line as well as we integrate a pressure regulator into an old plumbing line for regulating the pressure of the water in the pipelines.


We use hydro-jetting, alternatively known as hydro-scrubbing technology for cleaning the clogged drains and pipelines. We use high-pressure for opening clogged and block drainage and sewerage systems.

Water Heaters

Are you experiencing any trouble with the water heaters installed to your house? Our team of technicians will properly inspect your water heater to ensure that it is safe and ready to use. We comply with the top industrial standards when it comes to the installation and maintenance of your water heater systems. In addition, we also provide you with instructions and guidelines on how to regulate the temperature of your water heater.

Water Damage

The pipelines and faucets are susceptible to any unexpected damage, and it could result in discontinuing the function of the water system. We use our expertise to fix and reverse the situation effective immediately.

Emergency Service

If you are experiencing certain problems with your plumbing line or drainage system, you can call us and book our emergency plumbing services. You wouldn’t have to wait another day for having the problem fixed, and we will have it repaired within no time.

Water Leaks

Is your water reservoir or plumbing line experiencing any leaks of signs of discolorations? Have you noticed anything problematic about the water pipes but, cannot find a solution? Call us today, and we will dispatch a team of technicians to your local to inquire any possible leaks in the plumbing line.

Sewer Services

Our sewer services are impeccable, and we offer a widespread range of services that range from drain cleaning, drain maintenance, pipeline maintenance, hydro-jetting, and much more. You often require sewer services for ensuring the longevity and improved performance of the sewer lines.

Tub/Shower Install

Do you need some expert in San Diego to install a tub or shower to your personal or commercial space? Reach out to us, and we will do it for you!

Drain Cleaning

Are you dealing with clogged or blocked pipelines? If you are noticing water seeping from sinks, toilets, and pipelines then, the drainage system installed to your house required being cleaned. If the issue is not addressed on time then, it could result in expensive repairs. We offer services in drain cleaning, and we use modern solutions for eradicating any blockage from the pipes for resuming the function of the sewerage system.

Copper Repipe

The trend of copper repiping has grown immensely in the plumbing industry, and we are equipped with everything that it takes to ensure the success installation of copper repiping in a residential or commercial area.

Cold/Hot Water

We are experts in the installation of cold water reservoir and hot water geyser to a residential and commercial space.

Need Help Now?

Whether you have a minor issue or an emergency, we can help. Call to schedule a free assessment or ASAP appointment.

Our Commitment

Top quality service
& expertise

We are known for offering top-notch remodeling and plumbing services under one roof. The quality of our services is impeccable and incomparable, and we have worked with a broad base of clientele over the years. We never compromise with the quality of our services, and we go over and beyond a mile to ensure that the plumbing system of our clients remains intact and functional for a long time.

Free Assessment

We offer free assessment and consultation to our clients. We charge nothing for inspecting your house or office, and for providing our opinion.

Highest Quality Work

We are focused on providing high quality services to our customers, and we do not compromise with the standards of our work, whatsoever. We make sure that our clients are satisfied with our services.

Emergency Service

We offer an array of emergency services to help our clients on an immediate and emergent basis.

Licensed Plumbers

We pride ourselves on working with a team of licensed remodelers to restore and renew the house of our clients.

Licensed Remodelers

We pride ourselves on working with a team of licensed remodelers to restore and renew the house of our clients.

Service Guarantee

We offer 100% warrantee and guarantee for our services.

Other Services

Bathroom Remodeling

Does your bathroom require being renovated? Is the pipeline in your bathroom leaking or it needs to be reinstalled? Are you looking for a plumber and remodeler to install a new shower to your bathroom? If the answer is yes, we offer all of bathroom repair and remodeling services. We use a modern approach for remodeling the bathroom of our clients. We are responsible for the installation of a new tub or sink to our client’s bathroom as well as we repair any faucets or leaks in a bathroom for restoring the efficiency of the bathroom. Reach out to us today for booking top-notch bathroom remodeling services, and we would be at your service on the day and time provided by you to us.

Kitchen Remodeling

We are proud to announce that our services are extended to offer kitchen remodeling services, and we take care of everything before handing you over with a new and improved kitchen. Our team of contractors and designers are vastly familiar with using a modern approach for renewing and renovating your kitchen. They take your opinion and choices into consideration when working on a kitchen remodeling services. Book our services today by calling us at 760-123-4567, and we would be at your service.

Need Help Now?

Whether you want to change a small aspect of your bathroom or kitchen or create a total transformation, we can help! Schedule a free assessment today!

Water Damage Restoration

Dealing with water system damage could be a hassle, and it requires you to depend on the expertise of a professional for ensuring the restoration of the water system. We use a combination of modern techniques and tools for conducting water damage restoration, and we perform a smooth job for restoring the water system back to its former glory.

Need Help Now?

Whether you have a planned or emergency issue, we can help. Call to schedule a free assessment or ASAP appointment.